Lighting Design and Consultation

Interior designers all know that lighting can set the stage to create a dramatic backdrop for any room or space. TX Luxury Interiors can help to emphasize the architecture or design of your space by utilizing the latest in LED technology. What was once only available to the commercial industry is now available to the average consumer. Our interior designers are available to help you with all of your home lighting needs. From selecting lighting fixtures to installing entire home LED integrated smart home features that can be controlled from your iPad, smart phone, home computer or voice activated devices for full home integration and automation.

Color-changing light-emitting-diode bulbs contain several LEDs of different colors. The bulb simply turns on different LEDs to create different colors. For instance, an LED bulb may contain yellow, blue and red LEDs and switches on both the yellow and blue LEDs to create a green light. Utilizing this technology we can easily transform your home from daily use to any planned event at the swipe of a finger!

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LED Lighting Example Video

Watch us live on SA Live on KSAT and see the LED lights in action and get a few tips on picking LED bulbs!

Change the look of an entire room with the swipe of an iPad

You can now change the look of an entire room with the swipe of your iPad! Texas Luxury Interiors shows you how >>

Posted by SA Live on Thursday, September 28, 2017