Home Staging San Antonio Ideas

Home Staging San Antonio

Cost of Home Staging

Home Staging isn’t expensive as you might think!

If you are preparing a home for sale in San Antonio, Forget what you have seen on home staging on HGTV! The television shows that depict home staging often have very little to do with the real world practice of preparing your home for sale.

The first step to take is to make an impartial assessment of your home.

  1. Is it furnished?
  2. Does it look dated?
  3. Is it cluttered?
  4. Is it dirty?
  5. Do the windows need a professional washing?

These things will have an impact on the cost of preparing the home for sale.

As well, you will need to decide how much time you have to spend on doing the preparation yourself versus letting the home stager do the work for you. The more time you can invest, the lower the dollar cost.

San Antonio Home Staging Options

Most professional home stagers are willing to do as much or as little of your home staging as you want.

In San Antonio, as in most metropolitan areas, professional home stagers will do a consultation that should cost between $200 and $500, depending on the size of the home. TX Luxury Interiors home stagers will come to your home spend about an hour with you, and prepare a document that will guide you room by room, through what you need to do to prepare your home for sale. Along with the consultation document, we will provide a proposal of what it will cost to have our team (rather than you, the homeowner) to do the work.

If your budget does not allow a full staging, we can work with you to meet your budget and goals.

Rather than doing the home staging for you, we can consult and guide you through your staging. This will substantially reduce the staging fees.

We offer full turnkey home staging for an occupied house as well.

We would be happy to pit a quote together for you. This can include incidentals purchase and rental of mirrors, accessories, bed and bath linen, and window treatments if and when absolutely necessary. We can include staging the inside and outside of the house. The quote not only includes our staging fee, but can also include a window washer, a professional cleaning service and incidental repairs. Home staging is not about renovating, but everything in the house must be in good repair.

Home Staging – Empty or Vacant Areas

Vacant Home Staging San Antonio

If the house is unoccupied (whether it is new construction or simply vacant), the cost of the professional staging is a little more expensive and includes the rental of furniture and accessories. TX Luxury Interiors can provide a wide assortment of home furnishings or we can outsource to high-end rental companies. We can cover all your home staging San Antonio needs.

Is Home Staging Worth It?

Many Consumers ask themselves if having professional home staging is really worth the investment. When compared with the alternative of a reduction in your listing price and your home sitting on the market for months, it is certainly worth it!!

Consider this:

The average professional home staging costs between three and five thousand dollars. Professionally stage homes sell in an average of 35 days compared to 175 days for non staged homes (according to StagedHomes.com). Most home owners who are selling their home reduce the price of their home after about a month on the market, and the first price reduction is on the order of ten percent. So on a $200,000 home, the first price reduction is $20,000. If the home had been professionally staged for five thousand dollars and sold within its first month on the market, the homeowner would have been $15,000 in the black. Certainly a good return on investment!